JumpStart Advanced 2nd Grade

JumpStart Advanced 2nd Grade

Kids can adopt, groom and train a virtual pet in the new Pet Playground
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Kids can even adopt, groom and train a virtual pet in the new Pet Playground.

Main Features:

Reading and Writing

- Vocabulary
- Reading comprehension
- Synonyms and antonyms
- Spelling
- Capitalization
- Parts of speech
- Contractions

- Life cycles
- Plants and animals

Social Studies
- Continents
- Countries
- World landmarks
- Cultures
- Foreign phrases

- Addition and carrying
- Subtraction with borrowing
- Time and money
- Fractions
- Estimation and rounding

Art & Music
- Music styles and notation
- Art styles and art vocabulary

Special Features:
- Learning Profiler determines child's learning style and adjusts play
- Automatic leveling adjusts to child's pace
- Motivating reward system keeps children engaged
- Based on State Educational Standards

- Windows® 2000/XP/Vista
- Pentium® II 266MHz (Pentium® II 300MHz or faster for XP/Vista)
- 64 MB RAM (128 MB RAM for XP/Vista)
- 12x CD-ROM drive
- 16-Bit color
- Windows compatible sound card

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